A selection of online pieces:

The Spoil of Destruction

By Caille Millner, The Paris Review Daily, Aug. 25, 2016   Thomas Mann’s home in Pacific Palisades, California, is up for sale. The news came as a surprise: the house, designed by the modernist architect J. R. Davidson, was believed to have a reliable owner with Chester Lappen, the lawyer who bought it from Mann…

Rivers, First Draft

By Caille Millner, The Paris Review Daily, Jan. 16, 2016 In 1982, the artist Lorraine O’Grady staged her first major performance piece in Central Park, “Rivers, First Draft.” In the park’s bucolic Loch section, the audience watched a black woman in a red dress walk down the ravine. Red is a sign for wanton women,…

The Surrogate

Cecily is six months pregnant with someone else’s child when her husband tells her that he wants a baby of his own. It’s not a complete surprise — if he never grew jealous of all the other babies she’s carried, she’d wonder.

*Read the full text of this short story at Joyland Magazine.

Tyler Shields, "Lynching," 2014

Historical Fictions, Unimaginative Revisions

LOS ANGELES — Historical Fiction, Tyler Shields’s new photography show at the Andrew Weiss gallery in Los Angeles, is an interpretation of some important moments in 20th-century US history. Shields, a former professional inline skater who launched his photography career on MySpace, fancies himself a provocateur. The greatest surprise of this show, though, may not…

Workers at 5 pm, 1959

Nagano’s Tokyo

Why does Tokyo look so unfamiliar in Nagano Shigeichi’s photographs? He used no slights of hand; followed no special methodology. His influences were the usual ones for his generation — William Eugene Smith, Life magazine, celebrated Japanese photojournalists like Kimura Ihei and Fujimoto Shihachi. He didn’t have pretentions of being an art photographer, a title…

Alfredo Jaar

Alfredo Jaar and the Happiness of Chile

SEE THE MAN.  He’s standing next to a newsstand on a busy street in Santiago de Chile, talking to people as they rush by. At first you try to avoid looking at him, worried that he might be a beggar or something worse. For years it’s been too dangerous to talk to strangers. You never…